Beautiful curve of the body

Beautiful curve of the body

Beautiful curve of the body
In this article of 1stylist, we talk very casual about beauty of the body and some points about showing the body more beautiful. Human body is one of the most beautiful and mysterious creatures of GOD. When I look at this beauty and complexity and order, I go crazy. Look at this photo, isn’t it magnificent? Delicate lines and curve with impressive details make you think these lines are created by precise calculates. Even smallest details are so beautiful.


There are some parts of body that are more beautiful and can have most effect on beauty of a person. One of the most important parts of the body is legs, that by using some dresses you can improve the effects of them.

If you have attractive legs, you can show them to others with pride. If you think they are not that much beautiful, you have to take care of them. Ask your gym trainer for effective practices for legs and put it in your gym program. Beside the curves of legs, an important thing is taking care of them by using good lotions. You must pay attention to your leg skin to keep them smooth and stunning, OH GOD I LOVE LEGS!!!!! I over and over saw that most of women take care of the skin of their hands and arms and don’t care about their legs and other parts of the body. This is a HUGE mistake! Your legs can show you magnificent in a very very simple dress.

Ornaments like a thin gold chain with simple design for legs can make them so attractive and shape them well, even if you have no cloths on!


This kind of chain is so beautiful and is used in Arab countries. But I want to show you some kind of chains that make a man go CRAZY!!!! This chain can make you smokin’ hot. I suggest you to use them wisely. Look at the picture below, isn’t it stunning?! This chain with an open dress can draw all of attentions to you. Even right now that I’m writing this article, I’m looking at them!

Even if your skin is dark, you can use them. Somehow, your dark skin make the chain shows itself. For example, look at this picture.

Another way to double this beauty is using a small and delicate tattoo. Like this picture, even if you have no clothes on, your legs are mind-blowing. I’m imagine right now a leg with chains and tattoos!

One of the body parts that are effective is stomach and belly button. In every fashion show in every year, you can see dresses and cloths that show this part of body very creatively. For example, look at this picture. Because of this little part is open, the dress is so stunning. Also, this depends on your body. You have to keep your body in great shape.

For this part of body, there are Ornaments that make them stunning. You can see two samples in pictures below. If you want use Ornaments for this part, you have to be so careful. It has to be simple and delicate. It doesn’t have to be like Indian movies. Keep that in mind.

Waist and back is one of the important parts. Look at this picture. Isn’t it beautiful?! Combination of beautiful design of the bikini and the body drew a stunning picture. Curves of this body make a man crazy!!! She looks like an angle that directly came from heaven. GOD loves us that presented us this beauty. I love to spend all my time to talking with you about fashion. . At the end, I want to say that your comments are so encouraging and give me so much positive energy.


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